I’m back from Akon!! Thank you to everyone who came by. I was sort of tucked away in the back facing the wall and freezing my butt off, so I know I was kinda hard to sniff out. I swooned at some amazing cosplayers (including a Loyal one holy shit) and met a bunch of really sweet people. Too many to call out, but you all know who you are! <3

I’m sorry to anyone who came by for either my art book or 7 Patch Problem and I was sold out. :( My next convention will be AX in June July! (woops) Which is good because I definitely need a little time to recover (and get back to drawing things).

As a reminder my art book is still available for Preorder, so while I am sold out of my early copies, you can still get one! The Giveaway is still going on as well. <3