AHHHMYGOD AKON IS HERE ALREADY. If all goes well I will be sitting at the top of Island E!

I will be carrying copies of my art book as well as 7 Patch Problem, however I will have limited quantities of both because of my traveling capacity. If you want to ensure that you get either of these, you might want to make sure you visit me on the first few days! T UT <3 I hope to see some of you there!

Apologies for multiple convention posts in a row. When I get back from A-kon I plan on doing a ton of drawing~~~<3

a-kon 2013 conventions shut up fay nnnghhh i'm so tired i am not sleeping tonight getting on a plane in 3 hours

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    I bought 3 prints here! :D First purchase of the day! I was excited to see her there, I love the arts! (Gimli and...
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    OI JACKDAW this is the artist I got the art book from. The one where I was all, “I’m not spending any money at this con,...
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