It’s Friday so time for a little bit of silly. I try to keep this blog for my art but occasionally we have to shake things up. Besides, what’s more artistic than Mikkelsen’s face? XD

This was a project I coordinated as a birthday gift to my sister, who happens to love sloths and coincidentally Mads Mikkelsen. I did the only logical thing and combined them with the help of many wonderful friends who pitched in. The result is hilarious and the most fun I’ve had making a gift in a long time. Some people even went on to draw SUPER CUTE illustrations of Mads with sloths, but I don’t feel comfortable posting their art so I’ll let them do that! However I had a hunch the internet would enjoy our photoshop delinquency. 

Tumblr doesn’t let me upload more than 10 images at a time but I implore you to also check out January, February, and March as well. They’re all so good. 

Thank you to bluealaris, lohkay, zimmay, finnichang, starthistle, lyndztanica, zetallis, lovemilkbun, pyawakit, akemi-k, darthbennett, and gneeworks for humoring me with this silly project. 

So now that Windblade’s been out for a few days, I kinda wanted to share my favorite panel in the whole comic. I had a TON of fun with this whole scene, picking out different types of drinks and glasses for the bots. I delight in things like this so THANK YOU Mairghread for letting me draw drunk bots.  884
Your reply makes it sound a bit like you decided on the colour yourself. Did you talk to Scott before doing that at least? I mean, the colour of their blood is kinda important... Having it be different for Camiens and Cybertronians is a big point

I might have downplayed the decision when I noted I like cyan, but yes, Scott and I work very collaboratively. I understand your tone comes from a place of deep respect and concern for the lore and worldbuilding, and I appreciate that - but I’m also not here to defend myself, and I hope you can respect that! 

Hi, I noticed that in Windblade, Windblade was bleeding BLUE Energon. Was this a mistake or..?

Yes, it is blue! They are aliens so… I thought it might be a neat distinction. I also really happen to like using bright cyan… but Cybertronians will continue to have their pinkish energon. :> 

Some clean versions of the pages that just went up on Newsrama. Windblade #1 comes out in two days!

This went up on Amazon so I hope I can share! 785



I finished a jointed Blurr, but he’s not for a shop update… He’s actually for the talented Ms. Sarah Stone! This weekend she’s gonna be at Anime Boston, so I’m heading up to see her.

!!!! Sorry but *screaming* I don’t deserve this!!!

Actually I really felt like I needed to proclaim my love for you on my main blog too. This is just… this is so incredible and sweet and I just…!! *cries*

Gonna be at Anime Boston next weekend with zetallis and onsta! I’m gonna be a mess because it’s right on top of a Windblade deadline so I’m gonna be powered by caffeine and adrenaline and not much else. *sobs and returns to working on pages*
If you’re curious as to what other conventions I’ll be at this year, I’ve updated my page with a tentative list of cons I’ve applied to or plan on attending.  66

A preview of the first 3 pages were released!! This is so surreal and nerve-wracking for me. But now you get to finally see some of mscottwrites awesome writing. <3  

Remember you can STILL PREORDER this book and now Issue #2! Just take these codes to your local comic book shop. 

TF Windblade #1: Casey Coller Cover FEB140337
TF Windblade #1 Sarah Stone Cover FEB140338 
TF Windblade #2 Casey Coller Cover MAR140421
TF Windblade #2 Sarah Stone Cover MAR140422

Birthday present for my awesome friend gneeworks, whom is one of the raddest people I know. This is her life motto, and I&#8217;ve always thought it was awesome. Thank you Jeannie for always looking out for me, because I&#8217;m pretty sure if it weren&#8217;t for you I would not be where I am right now!  897
Did you send out paypal requests/messages about your art book for those who had preordered one?

Not yet, I apologize! I never sent out anything due to some real life issues popping up last year that rendered me practically useless. I’m starting to put the pieces back together and get my shit in gear, so hopefully I can start contacting people who preordered last year soon. 

Again I am really very sorry - and thank you everyone for being so patient during my silence. 

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